How To Achieve Beautiful Nails With 6 Simple Steps


Beautiful  nails don’t come easily, well they do but they require hard work and care. Here are a few useful tips on how to achieve them, its really not as hard as you may thin.

  1. Always push back your Nail bed and cut your cuticles, you’re probably thinking W’TF are cuticles?” Well they are the little flaps of skin you have left after pushing back your nail bed but before i go onto that we need to talk about nail beds. Nail Beds need to be pushed back in order for you to get a nicer look when painting your nails, they can also be placed in your weekly or monthly routine when giving yourself a manicure. To  push them back you must soak your nails in warm water just to soften them a little makining it less painful and easier for you.
  2. Once you have done all of that you can move on to cutting your cuticles. I know it sounds quite scary but take it from an expert it really isn’t. Either with your cuticle cutter or a normal nail clippers and carefully cut at the raised pieces of skin. When cutting DO NOT pull once you’ve grasped it just continue to clip away at it slowly like you would when cutting your nails.
  3. When you’ve finished with cutting them use a tooth pick or any nail cleaning tool you may have and just clean under your nails removing any of the dirt you will have a accumulated before. If your nails aren’t long enough move on to step 4 :D.
  4. With a good nail-file just file away with sharp strokes at the uneven edges of your nails to get a smooth neat finish.
  5. When all is done you’re ready to paint. The best way to achieve long lasting nail colour is to protect your nails with a base coat. I recommend investing in Sally Hansen Insta-Grip Fast Dry Base Coat  at only £6. Using a base coat helps to harden your nails promoting amazing growth. Once your base coat is on you can choose any colour you like to apply using even strokes throughout the two applications (remember to wait for each coat to dry before reapplying) when done apply your base coat clear polish or any other clear polish to keep your nail colour shiny and fresh looking, this will also help to keep your nail colour on for much longer.
  6. Finish off with a nice conditioning hand cream to keep your hands touchably soft.

Hope This Helped ☮ ❤ &  Fashion.


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